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Heavylifting for Heavy Equipment Services


The Kamov Ka-32A, Ka-32C, Ka-32T and Ka-32A-11BC (FAA approved) is ideally suited to transport heavy equipment into remote, inaccessible wilderness or jungle.

Carrying from Twin Otter to large volumes of concrete, riprap, dirt, or other material can be moved quickly and economically.

We have hauled buldozers, excavators, dump trucks, track hoes, and backhoes. Our Operations staff will assist in the breakdown and reassembly of heavier equipment.



Ka-32A-11BC is the largest helicopter registered in Indonesia

MTOW11,000 kg
Twin Engine Klimov TV3-117 VMA2,400 shp
Max Cruising Speed230 km/h
Operating Speed (water bombing)100 km/h
Service Ceiling5,000 m
Hover Ceiling3,700 m
Max Range700 km
Max Flight endurance3.0 h
Burning Fuel Jet A-1 AVTUR920 ltr/h
Heavylifting Capacity *)5,000 kg
Crew on board3 person
Pax12 person

  *) Subject to distance, altitude & fuel carried


Head Office

Plaza 45 Jl. Pahlawan Kav. No. 15/C 1-2
Rempoa, Ciputat Timur
Tangerang Selatan